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Collaborative Divorce: A Better Way for Parents
Writer/submitter Randy Heller, LMHC, LMFT and Robin Caral Shaw, Esq. writes:

With the increasing number of families experiencing divorce, it is exceedingly important that professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners, therapists, judges, and child advocates, do whatever possible to protect the best interests of all parties involved, particularly when there are children concerned. The collaborative divorce process provides a support system that incorporates the needs of the children as well as the financial and emotional issues of the parents

child not returned from scheduled visitation(timeshare)
Writer/submitter Ben I Farbstein esq writes:

When the child is taken or not returned timely fashion, just exactly what should the parent do,

How to Divorce Without a Lawyer
Writer/submitter Nicholas Copernicus writes:

In an uncontested divorce you can represent yourself. You don't have to rely on lawyers to resolve every issue. In an uncontested divorce you have full control over the divorce terms (who gets what). Most couples in the end will settle their divorce outside of court without outside assistance anyway because many lawyers are there mainly to fan the flames and extend the divorce as long as possible. Of course that's in order to collect the maximum amount of fees possible. In a contested divorce the divorce terms are out of your hands because those terms are disputed in court by your lawyers. In an uncontested divorce however both spouses will sit down to come to an agreement on who gets what before the divorce proceeds.

Pre-Marital Counseling and Abuse
Writer/submitter Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW writes:

Postponing the marriage shouldn't kill you. Marriage might.

Verbal Abuse
Writer/submitter Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW writes:

Verbal abuse cuts like a knife. The scars are depression, anxiety and low self-esteem...

How To Survive A Divorce & Still Be Happy
Writer/submitter Divorce-Forms.org writes:

If you've gone through a divorce or your going through a divorce right now you can take heart because there are several positive and proven steps you can take to survive a divorce and regain happiness...

How to Stop a Divorce & Avoid Expensive Lawyers
Writer/submitter Susan Chambers writes:

If it is your heartfelt desire to keep your marriage (and stop your spouse from divorcing you) then you will need to put into immediate action an effective plan that works...

Using the Married Filing Joint Status during Divorce
Writer/submitter David Kane, CPA writes:

An area that needs to be examined while you are going through the divorce process is determining the tax filing status that will be the most advantageous to you. During the pre-divorce year(s), you have a couple of options that can increase or reduce your tax liability depending on which filing status you utilize.

Alimony versus Child Support Payments
Writer/submitter David Kane, CPA writes:

Alimony is also often called spousal support. Alimony payments are used to provide the spouse that is making a lower-income with funds to cover expenses that are not provided for through child support or through the division of property. Many factors come into play when determining the amount of alimony (spousal support) that can be awarded. Whereas child support is determined using strict guidelines provided by your state, the judge is often the deciding factor in whether or not alimony (spousal support) will be awarded.

Divorce Preparation Assessing Your Financial Condition
Writer/submitter David Kane, CPA writes:

No matter what your situation, your divorce attorney, divorce financial planner or the domestic relations court is going to need your financial information. Some financial topics will apply to you and others will not. Take the time to investigate and list out your financial assets and liabilities. This inventory will help you and/or your advisors assess your financial condition and will provide a basis to make recommendations that best fit your overall divorce financial strategy.

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